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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 8, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the city of oakland may finally know who the new mayor is even though the election was a week ago. >> it's partly because of the mail in ballots dropped off on election day that has now put jean kwan in the lead. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> reporter: thousands of ballots are being counted right now the registrar's voter office to find out who is going to
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succeed ron dellums. it has been schedule at 4:00 and the waiting may be over and then again, maybe not. >> this the scene at the registrar of voters office, thousands of ballots flying through the scanners but they aren't like any that were ever used. they represent rank choice voting. >> rashg your choices one, two and three, what it does for us, it gives us an extra ballot card we have to process. >> among those that are watching the ballots being counted, are folks from the campaign. >> you watch people behind computer terminals to make sure that the provisional ballots are legitimate. >> ranked voting kicked in and
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the voters second and third choice votes still in the running. and peratta's campaign referred to this, it may be clear there is a reversal of fortune. the mystery of rank choice voting continues. it's part of an anybody but perata effort. >> we suggested earlier in the campaign each candidate would suggest the other. >> i'm very happy where we are right now. we are much farther ahead where we would normally be. >> registrar david dun says there is a good chance that the number of ballots remaining to be counted won't be enough to overcome jean kwan's lead. the race for california's next attorney general still isn't settled.
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steve cooly has widened his lead over pamela harris. >> republican leads harris but more than one million ballots need to be counted. they have four weeks to report the final totals to the secretary of state. >> the battle over the 11th congressional district heads to court today. in that race, injury rick nerney leads by a slim 421 vote margin. they are challenging the signature verification process used to validate vote by mail envelopes. >> tomorrow san francisco supervisors will take a big step toward choosing an interim mayor. gavin newsom will vacate the seat and board of supervisors president says he will introduce an ordinance.
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san francisco chronicle says state senator mark leno is expressing interest in the job. >> prosecutors are expected to decide what charges to file against the people in the protest after johannes mehserle was sentenced two years in prison for the shooting death of oscar grant. janelle wang has the latest. >> the district attorney decides to file charges against the 152 people arrested it will most likely be a misdemeanor. >> stores a downtown oakland are reopening for business. no damage this time around but they say it's better to be safe than sorry. >> what it costs to board it up, we spent more than that in broken glass last time this was preventative. >> hundreds of demonstrators upset with the minimum two-year
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sentence for johannes mehserle, broke down barriers and damaged cars. one demonstrator ripped an officer's firearm from his gun belt. they had the crowd controlled within an hour. some say it was overreaction to a police force but oakland's chief is pleased in the outcome. >> it's difficult to get officers in place so we were able to do that and make arrests without any force. >> the owner of this store is pleased with police action. he says small mom and pop shops like this can't afford any trouble. >> the small guys that sell shoes, all of us, we're just small guys trying to make an income. anything like this it really hurts us financially. >> like i said in the beginning, if the d.a. decides to press
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charges it most likely be a misdemeanor charge. the person that ripped the gun from the officer could face a felony charge. we are hearing more demonstrations are planned. also in oakland a $10,000 reward is being offered for suspects in an early morning shooting that ultimately caused a gas leak. 1:30 in the morning a man was found shot in the car. investigators say appears the man was shot and kept driving and hit a gas main and home causing the leak. residents had to be evacuated. the shooting victim was taken to a nearby hospital in grave condition. classes went on as usual but the gym is off-limits after an
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early morning fire at aclaremont high school in oakland. flames damaged the roof and a beam in the gym. it may have been caused by an electrical problem. they have not ruled out arson. >> questions have been raised about a new supply of a did you go that is used for lethal injections. state acquired 12 grams of the drug with a 2014 expiration date but won't say where it came from. in september when they put the executions on hold, officials say the entire stockpile of the drug had expired. the company that makes it they would not be able to provide any more until next year. they claim the state got it from the foreign producer and since the authenticity cannot be verified it should not be used. >> ahead, michael jackson's mother talks about the singer's addiction to can cosmetic
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surgery. >> and michelle obama talk with school children. >> and evidence of salmonella tññ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini michael jackson's mother believes that her son was addicted to plastic surgery. she talk to the surgeon -- he
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died in june 2009 from an overdose of a powerful anesthetic. she tells oprah she couldn't control michael. >> in this case, in change is his face and looks, you could say michael, enough? >> yes, but -- i hear people get addicted to plastic surgery and i think that is what happened to him. i told him, why do you keep going. >> his nose looked like a toothpick from repeated operations. the children are speaking publicly about their father and their lives. they have been living with their grandparents since their father died. 13-year-old prince says he and his father walked the beach early in the mornings and getting soda and eating candy.
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you can watch the full interviews with michael jackson's children today on oprah at 4:00 p.m. >> president obama wraps up his visit in india with a dramatic gesture to his host. in on speech, he backed india for a permanent seat on the u.n. security council. president considers india a world power. >> we look forward to working with india and other nations that aspire for security council membership to make sure that it's effective and resolutions are implemented, that sanctions are enforced. that we strengthen the international norms that recognize all nations and all individuals. >> he wrapped his stay at state dinner. he next visits indonesia.
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>> first lady michelle obama joined some school girls on a trip to india. she had a strong message to the girls to study hard and she exercises because women to have stay strong. later they asked her tough questions. one asked whether she apologizes first when she and president get into a fight. her response, the president makes up first. >> okay. >>. >> happy life. >> mike nicco. >> how are you doing? >> let's talk about what is going around outside. beautiful picture. few clouds we're talking about now developing but the real story is the fact that valleys
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in the north bay may deal with frost tonight and more rain in the forecast just as quick tomorrow. parents are going to have to ask in order to get a headlight meal for their children at fast food restaurants. >> and the idea making streets safer for bay area students, how you can help just by getting rid of old junk.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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salmonella evidence was found at certain farls. the distributor will now issue a recall for 280,000 eggs. all of those eggs came from the same supplier in ohio. the company recalled 550 million eggs for a similar problem earlier this year. distributors have shipped those recalled eggs to california and six other states. so far no illnesses have been reported. >> if you think it's nearly impossible to get a healthy kids
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meal at fast food restaurant, you're right. of the combinations only a dozen does not exceed the recommended servings of sodium and calories. they found employees usually give customers the unhealthy options unless you ask for the health yes, sir options. >> so now we know. we have to ask. >> it's going to be pretty nice. you may notice with the time change and cooler air and leaves changing, it feels like fall and it looks like it up in the sierra. take a look at this. we are at highway 50 and myers where we had chain controls because of the snow that fell overnight. wetness on the roads, black ice may be a small problem in the
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sierra tonight. as far as this, doesn't it look beautiful. take the clouds out and you have a postcard picture perfect weather. temperatures are down in the low to mid 20s so they are making snow at night. so they should be open in time for thanksgiving. bring it back home and show you what is going down in san jose. fair weather cumulus clouds. grounds is so moist. it's really temperature-wise not too bad. still in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. we have also the same temperatures around the monterey bay and inland. three things i want you to know, it's going to be a drier breeze and more sunshine. we're going to have cool weather around the bay tonight. in fact, it's going to be chilly inland where we have frost possible. tuesday night, rain and heaviest
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will fall in the north bay but just about all of us will be touched by it. oakland, one degree cooler than average. santa rosa 5, six degrees cooler than average in redwood city and san francisco. down in the south bay, we have low to mid 50s with campbell the warm spot at 64. 63 in palo alto and rest of the neighbors in the low 60s. crisp along coast and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco 59. most of valleys in the low on a but up in clearlake, mid 50s. upper 50s along the coast into sausalito. richmond at 59. low to mid-50s in the east bay valleys and through most of the monterey bay an inland. monterey bay in the 50s. most of us in the 40s but napa 33 and 39 in morgan hill and north bay valleys it's most concerned with the frost from about 2:00 until 8:00 tomorrow
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morning. bring the pets and plants in to be safe. jump ahead tuesday morning, wake up with the clear sky but by noon, light rain develop in the north bay and slowly slides into the bay and hangs around during the early afternoon to evening hours. very light rain. hundredths of an inch but it should touch about all of our neighborhoods. it comes in once the sun starts to set. once we get past that, look for warmer weather starting wednesday afternoon. >> we have some breaking news right now in san francisco regarding a problem, a new problem creating delays on muni. this picture appeared on the website on twitter. >> several people have reported it has taken them an extra hour to get to their destinations and muni said it's such kind of
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switching problem. >> we'll keep you updated. >> in benicia, it's keeping students safe city councilman threw down the challenge and local man had the metal to make it work. eric thomas explains. >> that was a convenient in the kitchen, people brought their metal do you remember down here. >> ordinarily when scrap metal is melted down it winds up in a new car or as an aluminum can. but in benicia this scrap metal is being transformed into school crossing guards. it was his idea. >> on saturday's from 8:00 to 4:00, people are dropping off washing machines, any metal they have. >> in two weekends, people have dropped off 35,000 pound of steel, aluminum and other metals. he sells the heavy stuff for 250
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a ton. he turns the proceeds over to the city which helps subsidize the crossing guard program. >> members of our community are the kids and it seems like the crossing guards is something a function that i don't want to see go away. >> this councilmember planted the seeds of his idea after council had to vote $16,000 out of the program. he says a light bulb went off had in his head. everybody has some kind of metal they want to get rid of. >> it's a win-win situation. they are cleaning out their backyards and going toward the good cause. >> but it got more involved than he expected. sometimes he has to drive out and pick up scrap that can't make the trip. and he still works at a day job,
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a contractor that moves entire houses. $16,000 to keep all the crossing guards on the job. he is not going to stop until the money is raised because the cause is too important. >> i see people driving up and down the road using cell phones. you know nobody is paying attention. so it's important for the kids. >> up next, his home is in texas but he is leaving his heart in san francisco. >> the music for bart riders. >> oprah's worldwide exclusive with michael jackson's mother, katherine. oprah: when you hear "come to the hospital, it's michael," in your heart, did you know? >> and his three children. next "oprah."3q
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save lives by to distribute free smoke alarms. >> and bart riders got serenaded thanks to the giants winning the world series. ♪ ♪ >> he is the executive director of dallas bay area rapid transit they handed out songs. >> he a good sport. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye.
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